Super Mario is an old arcade platform game series developed by Nintendo, featuring their popular mascot, Mario. Alternately called the Super Mario Bros. series, or simply the Mario franchise, it’s the central series of Nintendo’s greater Mario franchise. There have been at least one officially released Super Mario game for each major Nintendo console since the series’ inception. The original release for the NES was Super Mario Bros., followed by a sequel to that game for the NES titled Super Mario World.

A lot of gamers consider Super Mario to be one of their favorite video games ever created, and they continue to enjoy playing it to this day. Super Mario World was widely considered to be a step up from its predecessors, as it featured new features not seen in any of the prior games. One such feature was the addition of ”mini games” to the game that extended the gameplay beyond what was possible on the original game hardware. These were generally quite simple side episodes of Mario’s adventures, allowing him to gain more skills and use more tactics when playing against his enemies. Although not all of the games in the Super Mario series are equal in terms of quality, they’ve all managed to get a considerable amount of fan support.

Super Mario World was a massive improvement over the fairly poor reception that Super Mario Bros. received. Aside from the additions of mini-games, the visuals were vastly improved, the backgrounds much more detailed, and the overall picture was a noticeable improvement over the previous games. Graphics were also scaled to a much higher level, which made the game look much better than its predecessors. Additionally, the music and voiceovers were better suited to the visual style, creating a more enjoyable experience.

Mario’s allies were also given more depth and personality, and the games’ settings were more colorful and more vibrant. This is the time when Mario started receiving side missions, such as collecting all eight balls for the princess, or collecting the three legendary coins for the boss battle against Koopa. Also, there was an upgrade system that allowed the player to purchase upgrades for Mario to gain more abilities. New power ups also helped the gameplay immensely, particularly the bubble whip, and the mini mushroom. The introduction of these new elements greatly increased the enjoyment of playing the game.

Another factor that Super Mario World did well be the use of Mario’s buddies. Mario now has four buddies that he can play with, which allowed for an increased level of interaction and player communication. This also helped the game to develop a social element that other games simply did not have. The popularity of this game also made it one of the best selling video games of all time.

Although Super Mario World was a huge step forward for the Mario franchise, the release of Super Mario Kart later on followed a different course. Unlike the games before it, Super Mario Kart offered multiple vehicle options, allowing for some real competition. Also, the game offered a course editor that gave gamers the ability to personalize their own courses. These features set Super Mario Kart apart from its predecessors, and helped it become one of the most popular games in the franchise. Today, Super Mario Kart is an instant hit, having been featured in numerous games, movies, television series, and of course online.