TND GPS Review

I just returned my TND 730 after a few days of use. I was willing to give it another shot & took another to try this week. I love everything about the unit. It kept me right on track in Chicago area. The problem with my first one, was it worked 100% excellent at home all weekend setting it up. It was in the upper 40’s to low 50’s on Sunday in MN. I took it to my truck and when I was ready to go, it started up but I could not hit accept or type anything. I figured it had to be due to the temperature, which wasn’t even chilly. I turned on defrost and after a little bit it worked great. The next morning would be the test and it did the same problem every morning. I need it to work when I turn it on and not in a half hour. The worst thing is it needs to function in very cold weather here. The clerk said that they had not heard of this problem yet and we decided it was a fluke. One more chance this week, I am going to set my new one out in my pickup tonight and test it in the morning (fingers crossed). The clerk advised the Garmin Dezi, I almost swapped but the reviews are sort of mixed. Although sifting through them, I do think they were not all set up correctly. I have the Co Pilot truck also. When I first got it, I ended up in a few tight spots. After tweaking it to what type of roads I liked etc. it was dead on… If it has the same cool weather problem, it will be exchanged for the Dezi. My Garmins have never once had the cool wx problem, even in -30 to -40 temps.

indoor positioning system
The wifi is not actually wifi, at least from what I am finding. I tried connecting it to my home wifi which it finds. It doesn’t seem to be able to connect with password. After experimenting with it, I found that it actually needs your smart phone to be set as a wifi hot spot. Then all of the functions will work. I did find that if you take your phone out of the truck, it didn’t automatically re-connect. This requires a few extra steps, a traffic function like Garmin uses would have been much more user friendly. One other annoying function that I hope will get changed with future updates. I want to turn it on and have it ready to go. When powered up it required accepting their legal jargon each time. Also when connecting to wifi, it would ask twice if you realized that by accepting you would be responsible for air charges by your carrier. Mine did not show when the hotspot timed out or disconnected. A few times I got into heavy traffic then I checked why it didn’t report. My phone hotspot had timed out, make sure that your phobe is set to not time out.

Update.. They told me to try the 2nd unit and they would swap it for the Garmin at the end of the week if I wasn’t happy. The 2nd unit has performed flawlessly. This is by far the best Truck GPS that I have used to date. I made a call to customer support & they helped out instantly. There are very many settings that can be tweaked to your preferences. I was having a problem with my truck POI’s showing up on map. They explained to change the zoom level to off and set manual. I found .3 miles &750 ft to work great, now the icons are displayed. When I roll into the city or a city I am driving in I just hit the zoom button to display streets. I am very impressed. Now I can retire Copilot… They also transferred my Traffic from the first unit to the new unit. Amazon didn’t have these when I purchased mine. I wish they had, their warranty coverage is by far superior to Best Buy’s,, I should have waited a few weeks..

My speaker has developed a crackling sound, I did turn off the street announcements and the crackling is far less noticeable. It will be covered by R&M warranty, but I would be at a loss without it.
I am hoping to see a possible firmware update if at all possible for a bluetooth option for using the readily available, cheap bluetooth speakers. I have the Copilot truck Android on my phone and used a speaker with it. The audio was fantastic and if the speaker fails any Walmart has a huge selection. If a firmware option isn’t possible hopefully Rand will listen and add it into the next model. I never seem to overdrive the gps speakers in my personal vehicle but the truck is bigger along with more noisy surrounding. I did try plugging a couple different speakers into the headphone port. I even tried a amplified 12 volt speaker, there just isn’t drive to get enough audio from the speakers. A driver suggested that a headphone amplifier might be the ticket to get the auxillary speaker working better.

The temps are dropping down to -9F here at night. My truck has a fuel sleeper heater that allows me to shut the truck off when I do this the GPS touch screen will not function until the truck warms up to a comfortable range and the defroster blows on it. I have to say that my Garmins in the past and the one in my personal vehicle start up no matter how cold it gets up here. I bought a case for mine and take it home on the weekend to keep it warm. I was going to put it in my sleeper at night but the 720’s had a big problem with the connector. I have never tried the Garmin Dezl but did read the reviews on the TND 720 and the Dezl. The Dezl had so many unhappy reviews that I chose this one. It would be great if one of these GPS designers would sit down and listen to what truckers want and need. I wasted a ton of money on 2 versions of Copilot that either quit having support for my lap top or the newest Android version that was a total bomb even after the latest update.


This is by far the best GPS that I have ever used for truck routing to date. Rand Mcnally is a very impressive company that actually listens to input from truck drivers. The latest update made totally great upgrades to the device along with actual updates to maps. This update basically replaced the previous loaded software with a much better version. My hats off to this company for actually caring about it’s customers. I have been very happy with it’s routing ideas along with it’s optional choices for routing..

How To Start And Run A Successful Travel Business


Think of how different your life would be if you had a business. You would be free to draw up your own daily schedule, go to sorely missed social engagements, travel at the drop of a hat, and spend more quality time with loved ones. If the only thing holding you back is the lack of ideas about where to start, here’s a little helping hand of how to start and run a successful travel business.

Let’s talk about the basics. The first step is to ask yourself if you want to own a travel agency. These opportunities are endless. You would be your own boss. You could balance your life between your work, and home. You would be independent and able to make your own decisions. You will be able to take control of your lifestyle, wealth and equity goals. If you love working with people and are willing to learn and use the best sales and marketing strategies for your business, this career move could be the best thing to come your way.

To begin with, start researching the hundreds of travel agencies that focus and concentrate on those that offer the best type of these businesses. Look for businesses that offer industry-leading tools and resources that are necessary to start a successful business. Be sure they offer many of these business opportunities. Look for how much revenue they bring in per year. All of this careful research will help you identify that the Holidays which are season that you will get a great number of customers. This is the most successful and established business in the most countries of the world

Working hard on its own, is not necessarily a strategy which will get you moving ahead with your travel business. You need to be thinking smart too. As you persevere with you business, you will find that your thinking habits will change too. You will start to think in a different way. As Jim Rohn said ” poor thinking habits keep most people poor.”

You will have to understand the principle of supply and demand. This rule states that in order to have a business and earn revenue you need to identify an area where there are people who demand some type of information. Once you identify these areas you can supply the information they need to earn a living. The process of identifying the areas where there is a demand for information is called finding a profitable niche. This will help you on how to manage you travel business in all pick and off pick situations.

As you can see there are plenty of ways to find the best travel business. The key is to enjoy what you do, and of course make some money at the same time. Make sure you believe in what you do.

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